September's Letter

September 1, 2000

Dear friends,

How can I summarize the month of August as I anticipate more journeys in September? I've been to Boulder, Pueblo, Grand Junction, and Denver sharing stories with beloveds all along the way. Now I write to you from St. Paul as I plan trips to Rochester, St. Peter, Collegeville, MN and Bismarck, ND.

In terms of rivers, I've crossed the Minnesota and Mississippi and marveled at the silos holding corn and soybeans along the way in this green place where the leaves are just beginning to turn. Some of you may remember me saying, "If I am not in the place I love, I love the place I'm in." I will have loved Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota and North Dakota as California beckons in October.

Marcus prepares to return to school. Some days he will be in the classroom. Some days a tutor will come to see Marcus. The chemo continues unremittingly and Marcus continues to live each day to its fullness. He will be 12 on September 10. Continue to hold him AND HIS FAMILY in your thoughts and prayers.

This month's calendar holds the promise of a detail from my embroidery "Promulgation." "Promulgation" now hangs in the meeting room of the Institute for Cultural and Ecumenical Research. A perfect place for my stitches praising God for Creation.

Two little stories are offered up, also. Both are about Jesus as a child.

My THANK-YOU this month is to Mary Ann Surges for her continued support over 25 years.

with Love,


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