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A silence fell with the enveloping grief.

The little sister of the quiet thief slept all through the day, all through the night.

The wife-widow of the angry thief fell asleep at dawn and later cared for her child - watching without seeing - the dark curls pressed against her arm with perspiration, one hand clenched in a fist of hunger and desire.

Your mother sat, still still, watching again a Baby as a donkey lurched into Egypt; watching again a Child playing with His friends. She remembered too, another donkey on another street just six days ago.

When Your friends gathered in an upper room to be one with one another in their grief, they stumbled some in the saying of the Blessing, remembering Your giving them the Bread and Wine. It was hard to look into another's eyes but they searched hard for meaning there and they all remembered all the joy and hope and promise that had been theirs when You were there.

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