514 Rado Drive #F
Grand Junction, CO
81503 USA

A new journey begins as I reach out to you. I look forward to coming to communities in which I can find a space, a place to witness to the Word with words for a month or more. These are the kinds of activities I can facilitate:

As I read from collections of my poems, listeners may be moved to a deeper understanding of their ministries. Such a poetry reading can be designed for each group: Advent, Lent, Justice and Peace as well as well as collections about Africa, Japan, Brazil as I can respond to your needs your group.

"Embroidering Memories" is an opportunity for participants, through the application of varied embroidery and appliqu‚ techniques, to create a gift for someone they love as they come to recognize their own talents within a caring community. Once a week for a minimum of four weeks.

"Embroidered Memories" is a video in which I trace two threads of my life as an artist and as a soul on a spiritual journey. Brother David Steindl-Rast says we need to THANK God for whatever happens in our lives. Death? Divorce? Abandonment? As the basis for a one-day retreat this can be an important healing process for old emotional or spiritual wounds.

Stories From what you know of my life, choose a topic or a journey you would like to know more about, for example: "A Tale of Two Cities - Assisi and Avila", "Pentecost in Rio de Janeiro", "Two Visits to Hiroshima". A three-hour session with time for questions.

Creative Writing
I have been helpful in enabling others to more fully realize their potential as writers through a course called "Getting Ready to Write", initially offered through the adult education program at the University of Colorado in Denver.

"The Like Self" is a particularly powerful form of intercessory prayer. I have introduced this concept at the headquarters of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, the YWCA Headquarters in Seoul, Korea as well as in tiny clusters in all kinds of churches.

"Other Ways to Pray" was a six week Lenten series at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church originally conducted in Grand Junction, CO with titles including "Praying the Red Lights," "Praying Your Address Book," etc. The intent of this series is to create a deeper awareness of the moments we have for prayer in our busy daily life.

My four-act play "Confession" can be used as the basis for one-day retreats in which women address issues that have arisen from significant changes our culture has experienced since the 1970's, and which have affected them personally.

My proposed compensation would be room, board, transportation, and a modest stipend for this time. Additional information about my professional accomplishments (such as the Ribbon) and personal interests can be found on my web site: www.justinemerritt.net. Certainly, if you wish to have a formal personal history and portfolio, I would be delighted to send on such details.



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