May's Letter

For those of you coming to these pages for the first time, it would be helpful, I believe, if you accessed "Introduction" on the menu page to learn something of the background for Sowing Seeds. There you will also find references to Marcus Baxter, my 11 year old grandson with leukemia.

Marcus is in remission as I write today. No sign of the Philadelphis chromosone. The chemo will continue for several years but a bone marrow transplant is no longer recommended. He falls into a subset of patients who can survive without such treatment. THANK-YOU for your concern, your prayers, your good thoughts.

For those of you who have tried to place a message in the "Guest Book" recently, obviously there has been a problem. Today I trust you can send greetings from around the Earth. You can also respond by email if you have questions about the embroideries, the poems, the stories.

The amazing news this month is that I hope to travel again, to visit with you again. On June 15, God Willing, I will close the doors to my small apartment, turn in the keys and begin a journey that may continue for the rest of my life. By June 15 I will have divested all my material possessions which do not fit into two suitcases. The computer, a gift from my five children two years ago, will become a laptop.

First stop: the San Luis Valley of Colorado. Then on to Denver, leaving for Oregon on July 1. To Minnesota on August 15 for six weeks. and so it begins.

This month's pages hold a new embroidery, Bird of Paradise" and a new poem, "God is Corny".

I thank Berta and Bob Beveridge for their loving support.

The laptop and this technology will allow me to stay in touch with
All of you

with Each of you

with Love,


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