June's Letter

Dear ones,

Marcus has joined the Boy Scouts of America and gone on his first weekend camping trip. That should tell you how much energy he has despite the continuing chemotherapy. THANK-YOU for your part in this.

This letter will be the last one written from my nest in Grand Junction, Colorado. After June 15, I will begin the Long Journey. If you access Calendar from the main menu you will see my promises for the Wednesdays of June.

The poems will hopefully reflect my feelings at other times of packing and partings from beloveds. "Discipleship" was written shortly after the experience of the Metanoia in the spring of 1975. It is full of fire and courage. The poem "Leavings" was written as I actually packed to leave Chicago in July of 1975 and holds the anxieties and shadows that accompany such a departure. In 1992 I left another nest to move to this apartment. It is called "Moving Memories" with its play on words.

The embroideries are of rooms in others' homes, their nests. "Living Room", "Nursery", and "Kitchen" are part of my Embroidered Memories work.

The fourth Wednesday will hold the poem, "Bamboo" and the embroidery "Our Lady of the Bamboo Forest". When one trusts, God opens doors in different geographies as well.

My first stop will be to the San Luis Valley of Colorado. Then on to Denver. I will go the Oregon for the month of July to be followed by six weeks in Minnesota beginning August 15. And so it begins.

Technology, a splendid web designer, Jeff Patton, AND a lap top will allow me to write more letters from more places.

This month I thank Pat Hutchinson for her support as we both remember the "Living Room" in Denver.

with Love,


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