Dear friends,

We meet again on a small screen to honor the Eastern Epiphany.  The Wise Men 
brought gifts to The Baby as I offer some up today.

The next sowing of seeds, giving of gifts will come in March as we wait for 
Ash Wednesday and Lent.  April holds the promise of Easter.

It is a gray January day in Grand Junction as I write to you.  Marcus Baxter, 
my 11 year old grandson who lives in Eugene, OR, is undergoing aggressive 
chemotherapy to prepare his body for the hoped for, the NEEDED bone marrow 

It would be a great gift if you were to be tested for such a bone marrow 
match. holds the necessary information for those of you who 
live in the United States.  There are similar centers all around the Earth.  
Marcus is not the only child to need such help.

When you access the poem "Gift" understand that it was written in February of 
1982.  This February of 2000 Peace Action,
                       Peace Links,
                           Ribbon International, www.
will bring 535 Ribbon pieces to members of the Congress of the United States: 
435 Representatives in the House and 100 Senators.

Lift up your prayers for an eleven year old child, for ALL the children with 

Lift up your prayers for our vulnerable Earth.

with Love,


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