December's Letter

December 1, 2000

Dear friends far and near,

This is the first anniversary of Sowing Seeds.

As I look back over the month of November it has held more tough times for Marcus, an amazing rescue and all kinds of reunions, large and small.

Some of us are counting the days until December 11 when Marcus will complete his cycle of harsh chemotherapy. He continues to need transfusions of platelets and fresh blood along with your prayers.

The amazing rescue occurred in Manhattan Beach, CA when Brenda picked me up, a perfect stranger, and took me into her home where I later met her friends over Italian food, sat in silence with them at an All Saints Day service and got to pet Arnold, her dog. I had failed to communicate adequately with my next hostess, Phyllis Siudy and dear Brenda came to the rescue as Phyllis flew off to Melbourne!

Phyllis did return on schedule, picked pink camellias for our table, squeezed California oranges for our breakfast juice as we shared stories of our shared history.

Then to Davis, CA to visit Dorothy and Ken Green. They live in a REALLY splendid retirement community with splendid food to match. Their splendid new friends and old friends came to visit. They encouraged me to learn how to play cribbage. Instead I read the fourth Harry Potter book, so now I am caught up with all four of his adventures as mine continue. Dorothy and I were once sisters-in-law. We each had five children so you can imagine the history we have shared.

From palm trees and pink camellias to Chicago's cold winds and I LOVE both climates. No wonder I continue to travel. So Gail and Paul welcomed me into THEIR home in Historic Printers Row for Thanksgiving with grandchildren and extended family.

Today I write from Elmwood Park where Joan and Bob Pope have provided the orange juice and bed, conversation and good food as we look back on almost three decades of memories.

When I complete this letter I will go to the Dominican Conference Center nearby for four days of preparation for Advent.

My gifts to you this year are two stories, "The Birth" and "The Shepherds" in addition to last year's poem "Christ Child" and the story for children, "It's a Baby!"

I continue to believe last year's gifts are among my best work. So listen to me read the poem "Christ Child" and the little story "It's a Baby!" which is what this website is all about.

I THANK Ramona Elizalde for her support of Sowing Seeds and need to add that it needs additional support if we are to get to a second anniversary together.

May your Advent, your Christmas be filled with warmth, laughter and Hope,

with Love,


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