September, 2003

Dear new friends, dear old friends,

Here I am in Eugene, Oregon on a bright and sunny day,
pondering how to tell you that there will be no more
monthly Letters on this website.

Sowing Seeds will remain on the Internet for another
year, so there is still time to print out a Story, a
Poem, or some Embroideries as a memory of our
friendship. you complete your piece of Tangible
Hope, you can post a digitized photo of it here.
Click the Tangible Hope button from the Main Menu to
get the details on how to do that. You can include a
statement explaining its meaning, if you like.

Many organizations and websites now exist to carry on
important peace work. I have a long history with two
of them -- Church Women United and The Ribbon
. I refer you to them now.
They are calling everyone to contribute to plans for
silent prayers on 9/11 for years to come.

Of course you can reach me through my email address -- -- as together we remember where,
when and why we met and worked together to sow seeds.

with Love,


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