August 1, 2002

Dear old and new friends,

When you read this August Letter I will have attended the wedding of granddaughter Alison to her true love, Joe Gardner, in Chicago on July 26. It promises to be a delight, as weddings always promise reunions and beloveds will be gathered from Texas, Indiana, Colorado, and Oregon.

The month of July in my new fixed abode held its own delights. New dear friends, Marion and Bob Johnson - who promised we would walk to the park along the Willamette river - have walked with me to many places in Eugene. Four blocks to the Hult Center for the Performing Arts and we were able to enjoy parts of the Oregon Bach Festival. Free events included interviews with Helmuth Rilling, the Artistic Director, a concert by the San Francisco Girls Chorus, and Thomas Questhoff answering questions from the audience for over an hour.

We saw Tan Dun explain his Water Passion according to Saint Matthew before its North American premier. The full cast was on the stage illumined by bowls of water forming a cross as Tan Dun explained his work using chorus, soloists, percussionists, cello and violin. Now wasn't that a good way to begin the first month of my Oregon residency?

New physicians take good care of me. I seem to be doing just fine as Saint Mary's Catholic Church nourishes my soul.

On September ll, a group of women representing Church Women United, the Ribbon International, among other NGOs, will stand in quiet meditation at the United Nations with Ribbons in hand. Do you have any plans for prayers and Ribbons on 9/11?

The August Calendar holds a link to a new poem. "Divine Bleach" is my response to the sexual scandals within the Roman Catholic Church. Another link will take you to a story "The Threading" with my voice recounting the death of John the Baptist

. The embroidery is "Seattle Garden". It was a THANK=YOU to my daughter Ann in 1976, the very first embroidered memory. Neither Ann nor I could have guessed that she would be the daughter to help me settle into Eugene, OR in 2002.

The THANK-YOU this month is to the Sisters of Loretto, Nerinx, KY for their generous support of my ministry.

For those of you who have followed grandson Marcus' leukemia since 1999, he is in remission and leading a vigorous life. For which we say, THANK GOD.

May you and all those thereto attached be blessed.

with Love,


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