June 1, 2002

Dear new and old friends,

It has been two years since I started across Nineveh on my Jonah's journey. That journey has come to an end. During these last 24 months I have delighted to visit many of you in many places. After September 11 the idea of Tangible Hope was born and now, following the atrial fibrillation, I prepare to settle into a studio apartment in Eugene, OR.

          350 Pearl Street #1405
          Eugene, OR 97401

Yes, I will be on the 14th floor with a wall to wall window holding a view of tall pines, hills and Skinners Butte. Hawks, rain and wind have been promised and Oregon's blossoms bloom in the 3 1/2 acres of gardens, trees and walkways below. This HUD housing is called Ya-Po-Ah Terrace, a native American word for "a high place."

Ya-Po-Ah Terrace holds many gifts for a 78 year old woman: a small grocery store, a beauty shop, a 24 hour Laundromat, a dining room for breakfasts and noon meals when needed, a library AND a gracious, helpful staff. I am blessed.

My children continue to support me as I try to understand God's plans for me. Gail with her editorial skills, Regna with her suggestions for physicians in this new place, Susan and Stephen offering warm hospitality and Ann, scouring yard sales to help me make a home.

Sowing Seeds will continue to be my outreach. Your generous contributions will keep it and its auxiliary Tangible Hope in place as I continue this online ministry. Some of you hoped to send a contribution. I hope you will as I THANK the Sisters of Saint Francis, Assisi Heights, Rochester, MN for their community's support by name and trust that those of you who continue to help with this ministry will know you are in my grateful prayers as well.

"Colorado Flowers" is the embroidery for this month as I leave Colorado. The poem - AGAIN - is "Leavings" placed at the top of the Poetry page.

Saint Mary's church in Eugene seems right for me. I can take a bus (free public transportation for seniors) from the end of the driveway. I look forward to becoming part of a book club there and I will also find opportunities to audit classes at the University of Oregon.

May God continue to guide and protect each of us, all of us.

with Love,


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