May 1, 2002

Dear friends,

April held some amazing events. On Sunday, April 7, I was taken by ambulance to Saint Mary's hospital in Grand Junction, CO because of atrial fibrillation. My heart regulated itself in ER within a few hours of skilled help and medicines and I was admitted for three days for further tests. I am now on a beta blocker and staying in Portland, OR with dear daughter, Regna, for a month of R&R. That was not in the April Calendar. I was scheduled to stay with dear Mary Casper in Bailey, CO for a month.

Yes! Bailey has been the home to a forest fire and I would have been evacuated. It was a GOOD idea to come to visit Oregon and Mary's home was not harmed.

Here in Portland amid its glorious spring blossoms, my children are pressing me for answers to some questions about my life style. I have discerned that I hope to live near a child, not with a child. That means my options include Indiana, Oregon, Illinois and Texas.

And now to the New Ribbon: Tangible Hope. Your very generous support means there are sufficient funds to help it unwind on the Internet for a year. The Sowing Seeds menu page has the Tangible Hope button. The Tangible Hope menu page holds DETAILS which YOU could adapt for YOUR use where you live. Other buttons include the HISTORY of the Ribbon, POETRY, RIBBONS as well as an important one: FORUM.

FORUM can become an instant way to share ideas beyond our living rooms and local organizations. For those of you who might be considering getting the New Ribbon going locally, you can use the FORUM as an organizing tool, as a newsletter already funded and ready to help implement the New Ribbon.

As my body has sent out a message to slow down, I am asking another dear daughter, Ann, to be my forwarding address until I find a small place of my own: 3237 Crocker Road, Eugene, OR 97404.

How can I ever THANK blessed Karen Sjoberg for the forwarding of all kinds of mail for 22 months? What THANK-YOU is there to cover her call to 911? Please hold her and her dear puzzled dog, Sandy, in your prayers as they remember firemen, paramedics and a gurney.

For the month of May I will be in Oregon. We shall see what June holds.

with Love,


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