April 1, 2002

Dear old and new friends,

This April Letter points to a new period for Sowing Seeds. At its inception in December 1999, I introduced myself as a person giving away my poetry, embroideries, stories to be downloaded or scanned if any one of you responded to my Christian-Catholic witness.

Some of you have followed my spiritual journey since then and may remember that in June of 2000 I gave up my apartment in Grand Junction, CO in response to the first verse in the Book of Jonah. Yahweh's command to Jonah in the Jerusalem translation says simply, "Up!" I have been on the road ever since.

After September 11 I understood that the message this Jonah was asked to carry across Nineveh was acutely clear. I am called to speak out against war, using my gifts of poetry and words.

Now on the opening menu page of Sowing Seeds you can press a new button: The New Ribbon: Tangible Hope. With its own set of buttons you can learn how to create a new Ribbon, something of the history of the 1985 Ribbon around the Pentagon, the names of resource persons in your area and how you can become such a resource person. These new Internet pages will be the New Ribbon's newsletter as some of us look ahead to embracing the World Trade Center with Tangible Hope.

Obviously this enterprise needs additional funds for additional website pages. Can you help?

May our prayers tether this lovely Earth to the heavens.

with Love,


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