December, 2002
Dear new and old friends,

This is the third anniversary of Sowing Seeds. THANK-YOU for 36 months of support. You have blessed me with encouraging comments, funding and prayers.

Which one of us could have guessed in 1999 what these months would include? There were the 22 months of Jonah's journey, the terror and tragedy of 9/11 October Letter 2001, the trip to Assisi and the Vatican November 2001 nor the move to Eugene, OR June 2002.

The embroidery for December is "Incarnation" with its "two line poem".

Breaking open our skies,
Tearing into our lives.

The poem "Christ Child". is painfully appropriate as we read the headlines and listen to the news.

Four stories are listed at the top of the Stories page: "Birth", "Shepherds", "Three Men" and "It's a Baby!"

My brave plans to attend the Wednesday afternoon vigils at the Federal Building were not successful. I spent those hours with my needle and floss. At the Eugene Symphony, the Middle School band concert, at the Oregon Festival Children's rehearsal I found myself praying with tears, "for the sake of one symphony orchestra", "for the sake of a middle school beginning band", for the sake of singers ages 8 to 14, "do not let the Earth be destroyed".

May each of you, may all of you find moments of quiet and Peace as the holidays rush upon us.

with Love,


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