January 2002

Dear new and old friends,

How can I possibly place December 2001 into sentences and paragraphs? Equal parts "good works" and "good times".

December began in Bailey, CO in Mary Casper's welcoming home. She and Winnie Hardy worked hard to provide opportunities for me to facilitate workshops, teach a class in Embroidered Memories, read my poetry, give two sermons at the Deer Park United Methodist Church and to see old friends and make new ones.

Two new friends are at the Colorado Historical Society: Alisa Zahller, Assistant Curator and Moya Hansen, Curator of Decorative Fine Arts. Judith Morgan of Greeley, CO made the initial contacts with the CHS and now 47 Colorado Ribbons will be part of the permanent collection in Denver.

Old friends included Colorado Vincentian Volunteers and Earth Links.

And so many others from the Capital Heights Presbyterian Church/ 10:30 Catholic Community to Le Central, the "affordable French restaurant". I knew in its infancy and where Robert and Betsy Tournier have hung one of my embroideries. I had cocoa and cookies there with some new friends after a trip in a van to see Christmas lights in Denver with Earthlinks.

Then a trip to Portland, OR for a week before flying to Chicago on Christmas Day with Oregon daughters Ann and Regna so we could be present with Susan from Texas and Stephen from Indiana for Gail's marriage to Paul on December 27. Now I am in Carmel, IN sharing these high points of December with you.

There are loved ones who continue to wonder at my life style. PJ Manion, SL wrote recently, "You are a pilgrim person." There are days when exhaustion is a major element BUT I am enlivened by this weaving from place to place, beloveds to beloveds, as I continue to ponder what I may be called to do next.

The THANK-YOU this month is to Carolyn and Teo Prinster of Glenwood Springs, CO who have provided all kinds of loving support over many years. The poem for this month is Maggie O'Connor's from Mankato, MN. The Calendar will indicate January will be "less traveled". For the third January in a row, I offer up "Three Men" as the story. It is of those Wise Men following a star to find a Child and surely reflects some portions of my own journeying.

May 2002 hold sufficient good parts to to balance the hard parts in our lives and on this lovely, wounded planet. Surely one of the good parts of this new year is the Pope's invitation to representatives of the world's religions to come to Assisi on January 24 to pray for peace. Please add your prayers, your good thoughts, to theirs. "In these troubled times, may the whole human family find true and lasting peace, born of the marriage of justice and mercy."

with Love,


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